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About us

...نخيط لكم اجمل الحكايات
...تربطنا خيوط منسوجة، انسجة من شعوب و ثقافات، رداء يحكي رواية، نحيك الاقمشه لنحكي عن امة


Anmar Gallery is here to build on existing history to fill generational and cultural gaps. Through the depth of cultures and traditions, comes Anmar's celebration of colors. Timeless everchanging designs.

Anmar Gallery is a regional Bahraini label found in 2000 that focuses on combining traditional clothing with contemporary fashion. Designed with a great eye for detail and constructed with fine craftsmanship, the timeless yet innovative designs convey the designer’s aesthetic in colors and details creating collections with  definitive shades, and textures.